About MACE

Our Mission

The mission of MACE is to build a greater understanding and cooperation between colleges/universities and employers in their combined placement efforts, to foster professional development, and to promote high standards of ethical practices.


On October 4, 1976, the Mississippi Cooperative Education Association was formed due to the rapid growth of cooperative education programs in Mississippi. In August of 1986, the Mississippi Cooperative Education Association and the Mississippi College Placement Association merged to form one dynamic professional organization, the Mississippi Co-op and Placement Association (MCPA). In July 2000, the Association members voted to change the name to Mississippi Association for Colleges and Employers (MACE) to reflect changes in the Regional and National organizations.


MACE is also affiliated with the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers (SoACE). The Southern Association of Colleges and Employers is a 700+ member organization of human resource, college relations, and career services professionals representing employers and universities throughout the southeast United States. With a network of 15 states, their primary focus is to foster cultural and geographical development; professional development; best practices & trends; consulting services; and diversity initiatives.